ThinkAdvisor article features 1st Global, eMoney Partnership

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1st Global recently announced a partnership with eMoney Advisor that offers affiliated CPA firms an industry-leading financial planning solution that allows them to efficiently track client behavior, benchmark performance against personalized goals and pinpoint opportunities for growth with firm-level analytics. Ryan George, 1st Global assistant vice president of marketing and communications, spoke with ThinkAdvisor about the platform and the enhanced features both clients and advisors will enjoy in the article “1st Global, eMoney Partnership Provides CPAs With Financial Planning Tools.”

The partnership “enhances the client — and advisor — experience when providing fee-based financial planning,” 1st Global spokesman Ryan George told ThinkAdvisor.

“The biggest value-add is the client portal that allows for communicating back and forth through a secure, compliance-approved portal,” the spokesman said. “This vault is where clients will find all of their important documents.”

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