The Next Generation of CPAs: Leadership on the Cutting Edge

Shelley Yates, Communications Senior Advisor
September 10, 2018

1st Global President David Knoch sat down with Lindsay Stevenson of 1st Financial Bank USA and Jody Padar of The Radical CPA at the AICPA Engage conference in Las Vegas to discuss the next generation of financial professionals.

Stevenson, chair of the AICPA EDGE (Evolve – Develop – Grow – Engage) Experience Committee and the Young Membership Leadership Committee, spoke passionately about how EDGE gives up-and-coming CPAs the opportunity to develop the necessary skillsets to advance their careers.

“Being involved with these people that are so passionate and so engaged and so driven to make a difference in the profession at large really made me recognize…I can actually change the world. … That’s what it did for my career,” Stevenson said.




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