Be More, Play Large, Let Go

Partnering with 1st Global helps you serve more clients and serve them better.

Our mission is to help CPA, tax and estate planning firms adopt and implement the essential capabilities to provide comprehensive wealth management services to both emerging affluent and affluent families. We deliver the wealth management capabilities required for sustainable growth.

Be more for your clients and business by adding wealth management capabilities.

1st Global enables you to broaden your wealth management capabilities to meet the needs of others and honor the promises you’ve made to those you are committed to serve.


We are CPA firm growth consultants

1st Global was founded by CPAs who believe that accounting and tax professionals are uniquely qualified to add value to their existing client relationships by offering comprehensive wealth management services. At the same time, wealth management provides an exceptional growth strategy for CPA firms.

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The Power of Partnership

1st Global has the support and proven professional systems needed to give you the competitive edge in providing comprehensive wealth management services.


An independent partner helping CPA firms grow from success to significance for over 25 years.
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An expansive, fee-based platform built specifically for our CPA wealth management partners.
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CPA Community

A nationwide community of high-achieving CPAs supporting each other’s success.
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We take special pride in providing excellent service and support to our firms.
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