Stephen A. “Tony” Batman, CPA, CFA

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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About Tony

Stephen A. (Tony) Batman is chairman, chief executive officer and co-founder of 1st Global, a diversified financial services firm that is the business development and resource partner to leading tax, accounting and law firms. 1st Global works with these firms to provide comprehensive wealth management and financial services to emerging affluent and affluent families, businesses, foundations and other institutions. With Tony’s leadership, 1st Global has created innovative educational programs, advanced support services and cutting-edge technology that cater to the CPA-centric wealth management firm. He co-founded the company in 1992 and continues to guide 1st Global in defining reality, defining the company’s mission, grooming new leaders and, most importantly, exhibiting much gratitude to others for their contributions to the success of the organization.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) identified Tony as a visionary entrepreneur whose accomplishments have profoundly impacted the accounting and financial services professions. He is a true leader in the industry and has been identified numerous times by several organizations as one the most influential people in the financial services and accounting professions. 

He has a unique ability to effectively communicate complex ideas about the global economy, capital markets, leadership and professional and personal development while helping people and businesses navigate through a world of numerous and unforeseen risks.

Tony is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder.

He currently serves on the advisory board for the University of Kansas School of Business, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting in 1979. 

Tony was chairman of the steering committee that founded the Financial Services Institute and served as FSI’s chairman in 2004 and 2005. FSI is a membership association of approximately 100 broker-dealers and registered investment adviser firms that serve about 40,000 independent financial advisors, and it continually works for the success of its members through regulatory advocacy, conferences, education, peer networking, and research.

Tony has served on numerous boards, including the Journal of Investment Management, the National Center for Policy Analysis and the Laffer Center for Supply Side Economics.

He was born in the famous wild west cowboy town of Dodge City, Kansas, which was claimed by the New York Times in the 1880s as “the meanest town in America.” Tony loves hiking in the mountains of Colorado and an instrument-rated pilot. He is also an avid collector of Austin-Healey automobiles, having restored several. He is a passionate student of ancient Greek philosophers, European enlightenment philosophers and scholarly works in Judeo-Christian theology.

Tony is an avid collector of rare, first edition books published in English that he believes comprise the most important ideas that shaped America’s culture, politics, economy and history since its founding.

A fun fact is that, in 1976, Tony suspended his college studies for a semester to travel 7,000 miles on a motorcycle from his home in Kansas to the East Coast and southern states, enjoying the bicentennial celebrations of America’s founding.

Tony steadfastly lives and teaches by example, beginning with living a life of total personal responsibility — seeking practical wisdom while demonstrating consistent moral courage to act on that wisdom — to boldly advocate for the nobility of business and commerce and for the protections of liberty and justice.

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