Practice Management

The Practice Management team at 1st Global acts as the primary consulting and coaching liaison to both CPAs and financial advisors. They empower firms to succeed by implementing processes and procedures in four critical areas: marketing, sales, operations and administration.

Practice Management delivers coaching through a number of programs, including:

  • One-on-one engagements.
  • Workshops for individual firms.
  • Team support through the Wealth Instruction and Networking (WIN) Program.
  • CRM implementation.
  • Coaching and consulting program.


The WIN Program

The Wealth Management Instruction and Networking (WIN) Program creates a culture that empowers motivated and forward-thinking professionals to become more complete and successful advisors.

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Fee-Based Financial Planning Program

The 1st Global Method 10® Seasonal Planning program allows advisors to offer an enhanced, premium fee-based financial planning program tailored to clients’ specific seasonal needs. This program allows advisors to take a comprehensive look at individual needs and provide clients with a formal document that clearly outlines situations, goals and recommendations.

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1st Global Consulting Group

The Consulting group exists to provide “on the business” training, coaching and consulting to firm leaders, affiliated financial advisors and support teams, helping them grow their wealth management enterprises.

What is your firm's potential?

Double-digit growth is within the grasp of many CPA firms through wealth management. The Wealth Management Feasibility Analysis and Consultation engagement from 1st Global is specifically designed to quantify this growth opportunity and provide an executable road map for high-performance CPA firms to achieve their highest profits and valuation potentials.

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