Strategic Asset Allocation

Rigorous research and a disciplined framework are at the core of our due diligence process.

1st Global’s due diligence process provides the foundation for the disciplined framework used within 1st Global’s IMS Select Portfolios. This process ensures that investment managers chosen embody direct implementation of the 1st Global asset allocation models. This basis for evaluation and selection follows the application of 1st Global’s investment philosophy.

1st Global has long believed in the power of strategic asset allocation, implemented using rigorous academic and intellectual standards, to create the cornerstone of enabling clients to honor their important financial promises. 1st Global also believes that skillful investment managers can be identified by applying a consistent process. While there are no precise predictions of future performance, 1st Global believes those investment managers with the greatest chances of helping clients honor their promises can be found through intellectual rigor and skill.

Asset Allocation Model Development

1st Global’s strategic asset allocation policy combines eight asset classes to create five distinct asset allocation models for different investor risk profiles. These models are created using forward-looking estimates of expected returns, risk and diversification benefits of the asset classes shown below.*

The Investment Management Research Group

The 1st Global Investment Management Research Group (IMRG) is tasked with finding “best-in-class” investment managers and products for use across the IMS Select Portfolios strategies as well as other IMS programs.

What Do Investors Really Want?

Believe it or not, there’s an easy way to find out what clients want from their CPAs: talk to them.
We surveyed emerging affluent and affluent investors to find out what they look for in financial advice providers, as well as what is most important to them in those interactions.

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