Overcoming Obstacles, Unlocking Growth

CPA firms can no longer continue business as usual.

In the face of rising competition and increasing demands from clients, successful multi-partner CPA firms of the future will have to leverage their value and expertise to position themselves as the premier strategic partner for financial solutions.

CPA firms must be cutting-edge, creative and comprehensive in order to prosper in today's business climate. For many CPA firms, restoring strong, double-digit growth requires a change of direction that will increase the breadth of services offered while improving operational efficiency and the client experience.

For many CPA firms, the path to creating sustainable growth is through wealth management.

CPA firms looking into wealth management or other synergistic services to create sustainable growth have many concerns and face several obstacles. 1st Global's comprehensive team of experienced specialists works directly with affiliate CPA firms to develop strategies to overcome these obstacles and create a roadmap for success.


Common Concerns and Obstacles Ranked by CPAs

Multi-partner CPA firms

Various multi-partner CPA firms in focus groups conducted in major markets have expressed common concerns and obstacles about offering wealth management. We can show you how leading CPA firms have successfully overcome these obstacles.

Climb the Four Stages of Revenue Growth

Your CPA firm's solution starts with a clear vision of what the ultimate destination should be and then carefully defines each step required to realize that vision. Based on interviews with the most successful CPA firms, 1st Global has identified four stages of business development to achieve higher revenue growth. How quickly a CPA firm advances through these stages depends on the firm's commitment and with whom it chooses to partner.

Stages of revenue growth

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1st Global’s research is illuminated by some of the greatest minds of the last century.

The 1st Global Advisory Board comprises Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D., recipient of the 1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his dissertation on Modern Portfolio Theory; and Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, “Father of Supply-Side Economics” and inventor of the Laffer Curve.